Koala Hospital – Port Macquarie


RBR on the road series

We were discussing the mythical drop bears when we discovered a sign pointing towards the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie. Koala Hospital? That sounded like a good stop! Stretch legs, see some fluffy koala bears (ed.: koalas, dammit, not koala bears!), say cuuute a few times… perfect.

Over 40 years ago, a local couple set up the Koala Preservation Society and, with it, the Koala Hospital. Since then, the hospital has looked after thousands of local koalas that have had a bit too much eucalyptus. Or that have been hit by cars. Or that got a koala STD. In any case, many koalas are released back into the wild and it turns into a happy fluffy story.

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Good Brother Espresso – Newcastle

Good Brother Espresso – coffee and panini – Right Brain Revival

RBR on the road series

For the next week, the RBR team is on the road, bringing you the best stories and hottest scoops from all across NSW, Australia. First up, check out our review of Good Brother Espresso below, then hear all about the marsupial cuteness and care at the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie.

Good Brother Espresso – exterior – Right Brain RevivalGood Brother Espresso

On our way from Sydney up the Central Coast, it came high time for a coffee and lunch stop. Newcastle was to be a fairly long detour from the highway, but we figured it would be worthwhile to avoid reliance on indifferent service station fare. And boy were we glad we made the hike!

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Recipe – Amazing apple slice

Amazing apple slice – dividing it up – Right Brain Revival

The ultimate last minute dessert and afternoon tea for pleasing the masses. Or just you really, whatever takes your fancy 😉

This one is always on high rotation in my house, and for very good reason! It is a cinch to make, delicious, and kind to your wallet to top it off. It is the apple pie you have when you aren’t having apple pie: no pastry, no rolling, no mixer, keeps beautifully and seriously tastes incredible.

Amazing apple slice


  • 1 packet plain butter cake mix (Greens brand is the one I use most, but a GF packet butter cake is available from most supermarkets and that works perfectly too. Grab the one without icing mix if you can, or just use the icing on something else later!)
  • 75g coconut
  • 125g melted butter
  • 2 x 400g cans of pie apples
  • 1x 300g pot sour cream
  • Cinnamon and raw sugar, to sprinkle
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A proper cuppa


Cups of tea are a winter essential for many of us. Ranging from traditional English breakfast, to green, or to more exotic flavours like Choc Chip Chai and White White Cocoa, we love wrapping our cold hands around a warm cuppa and breathing in its delicious aroma.

With so many different teas available, it’s almost impossible to keep track of all the different brewing instructions. Was it green tea that needs a lower water temperature? How long should I brew my Rooibos again? Is it really necessary to warm up my tea pot and cups? Milk first then tea, or was it the other way around?

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The blue city


We love it when people commit to a theme. And no one would dare to say that Chefchaouen hasn’t committed to its theme!

Chefchaouen is the blue city. You’ll find it in Morocco’s North, nestled in the Rif mountains just an hour or so from Tangier. Its distinctive houses – a palette of blues –  form a striking contrast with the city’s arid surrounds. Visit Chefchaouen and be sure to come away with otherworldly memories in all shades of blue (although perhaps not in YInMN…).

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Sassy Twittereens

sassy twittereens

Found a list of 31 tweets from 31 sassy ladies. We love the efficiency, the wit, and the important messages contained in them. Here are our seven favourites:

Used my womancard at the ATM today. Tried to withdraw $100, but the machine gave me $79.

7yr old “Do women get their periods on weekends too?”
Me “Yes”
7yr old mutters to herself “Jesus Christ”

Damn boy, are you a bra? Because you make me uncomfortable but society has brainwashed me into thinking I need you

Crazy how women have the stereotype of being chatty when 90% of dudes have 45 minute podcasts that no one listens to…

Our society makes women ashamed and unhappy with their bodies. I, for one, have always been disappointed by the lack of cupholders on mine.

Stop tweeting about what real women are and are not. You’re going to blow my secret that I’m a lizard creature zipped into a woman suit

Girl, are you the Bible? ‘Cause men keep misinterpreting what you say to support their own selfish agendas.

Like them? Check out the whole list here. Want even more sass? Why not check out Ellen DeGeneres’ rant on ‘Bic for Her’ – an oldie but a goodie.

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Recipe – Patty cakes with lemon curd

Patty cake with lemon curd – finished product – Right Brain Revival

Do I hear a callout for some old fashioned goodness?  Well, I certainly have some for you this week!

This easy but more-ishly recipe is my mother’s, and if I had to make a choice to only ever have one type of cake for the rest of my life (shock, horror!) this would be it.

These little cakes are lemony-tart and sweet, almost friand-like in their dense crumb but much softer in texture. They are perfect as afternoon tea or dessert, and I love to pair them with a dollop of the lemon curd recipe I am also giving you today.

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True blue

true blue

Scientists have discovered a new shade of blue, called YInMN, and it’s pretty and likely to be very useful.

A byproduct of experiments, this blue was discovered in 2009, but is only now ready to come onto the market as paint. It’s definitely an upgrade compared with your regular blues:

  • it’s non-toxic – a big plus!
  • it’s non-dissolvable and durable – great for paint and restoration.
  • it’s really good at reflecting infrared light – it reflects sunlight, for example, of buildings and so keeps them cool.

So you see, this new blue is amazing. It’s friendly, it stays around, and it helps save the environment. A true blue colour!

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